Ultimate Puppies - Toy Poodle is a Yorkie Mix, not the AKC Toy Poodle I Paid For!

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DNA at 6 months of age shows my puppy is not a Toy Poodle that I paid good money for but is instead a Yorkie mix. Starmye and Robert Halpain have admitted no fault even when shown the DNA and will only refund my money if I give them back my 6 month old puppy...

These people should be ashamed for fraudulently selling mixed breed dogs as AKC pure bred dogs. Do not buy a puppy from them unless you do not care what your puppy is and don't care what or who the parents were. First pic is my puppy at 8 weeks and second pic is her at 6 mths, so you can see why we had the DNA test done, she does not look like a Poodle... She has Yorkie and Bauer in her and possibly a tiny bit of Poodle by the DNA testing.

This breeder does not care about their reputation and please do a google search on any breeder before you buy from them.

Review about: Puppy Breeder.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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